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Gradient Sweet Spot

Project : Settings sweet spot creates wild gradient patterns
Notes : Uses Element-to-Element binding to tweak the parameters and see the results in realtime, copy and paste XAML for your own projects. Silverlight [4.0]
Dependancy Properties and the Light Fantastic

Project : Dependancy Properties and the Light Fantastic
Notes : A look at how Dependancy Properties can be bent to your will to create stunning animated Pulse Flowers. Silverlight [4.0]
Opacity mask break down

Project : Opacity Masks, how they work and test application.
Notes : A detailed look at opacity masks. How they work, a step-by-step guide to creating them and a test application that allows you to test different settings. Silverlight [3.0]
positech 2000 screenshot

Project : Positech 2000
Notes : Uses search engine with parabolic trajectories. Silverlight [2.0]
facemonkey screenshot

Project : Face Monkey
Notes : Paint program specialising in predefined stamps, includes local video, animated stamps, fullscreen and image saving. Updated to Silverlight [3.0]
SL Eye screen shoot

Project : Silverlight Eyes (SliBalls)
Notes : Ultra realistic eyes follow your every move, fake 3D sphere mapping. Silverlight [2.0]
seemuse in game screen shot

Project : SeeMuse
Notes : Two player Windows Live messenger game. All you have to do is guess what your buddy is drawing within the time limit. Unfortunately for them, the tools available for creating the drawing are quite limited. Silverlight [2.0]
twitternice screenshot

Project : Twitternice
Notes : Twitter message data visualiser, everything is dynamic, lots of animation. Silverlight [2.0]
3D game of life screen shot

Project : 3D Game of Life
Notes : 3D representation of the 2D world of John Conway's Game of Life. used Kit3D v0.3 and the JogWheel control is from Positech2000. Silverlight [2.0]
Anagram Shark Attack screen shot

Project : Anagram Shark Attack
Notes : An anagram puzzle where sharks are your biggest problem. Silverlight [2.0]
IDOUDO game screen shot

Project : IDOUDO
Download: Xaml and code
Notes : A simple simon game with sound. Silverlight [2.0]
mousetrails screen shot

Project : Mousetrails
Notes : Demonstration for mouse over and dynamic element/animation creation. Silverlight [2.0]

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